LINKPlanner v5.6.1 Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from the download site.

The key features of 5.6.1 are:


  • Added Force 200L

    Note this product is not available in Canada, USA and other FCC countries

  • Obsolete Force 190

28 GHz cnWave

  • 56 MHz – corrected MCS 24 usage to downlink only

    MCS 24 in the 56 MHz bandwidth is only available on the downlink and not the on the uplink as shown in the previous version

  • Updated product names to use B1000 and C100

  • Updated the BOM to add more default and optional items

60 GHz cnWave

  • Added warranties and Cambium Care to the BOM

  • Added the Performance Summary pop-up report to PTP and mesh links

    This is the same pop-up report that is available for licensed band links above 6 GHz, which provides more details on the prediction parameters used in the availability calculations

PTP 670/700

  • Changed PTP 670 default warranty to advanced replacement


  • Added data rates per mode to the PMP Installation report for all products

    This replicates the table of performance per modulation mode that is provided for PTP links.

  • Updated Best Server Analysis to prevent multiple selections of Create

    The Create network button is now greyed out once the current analysis has been created into a network. This prevents the same links being created multiple times.

  • Obsolete some Optical Fiber Cable Lengths

    This removes the less commonly used 2.2, 20, 200 and 300m SM optical cables and 2.2, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 300m MM Optical cables, alternative lengths will be automatically replaced into the BOM.

Bug Fixes

  • cnRanger – added missing SFP Transceivers to Optional Extras
  • Prevent error when deleting multiple sites
  • 28 GHz cnWave – corrected errors when selecting certain modes in Best Server Analysis
  • Corrected rain availability calculation to use worst case of each direction rather than lowest fade margin
  • Corrected PTP 850C – 23 GHz frequency mapping to BOM parts
  • Corrected data rate units in Hub Performance Summary
  • Removed Spectrum Bridge link from TDWR warning
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