LINKPlanner v5.6.4 / 5.6.3 Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from the download site.

The online map provider, for the Windows version of LINKPlanner, has changed their tile server, which makes it incompatible with the embedded browser in LINKPlanner. LINKPlanner has been updated to use either an OpenStreetMap layer or Bing map layers. This is a temporary solution to keep the map functionality working and the map options will be reviewed in the coming months.

A bug fix release V5.6.4 has been issued to fix the following two key issues with V5.6.3

  • Restoration of the throughput aggregation in the UI for 2+x and 4+0 links (the reports and table views were correct). This mostly affected PTP 820 and 850, but also PTP 550 and PTP 700 that support 2+0 configurations
  • The reflection editor was crashing due to problems displaying the reflection lines in the path profile, this has now been corrected

In addition the following corrections have also made:

  • Corrected PTP ePMP Force 300 CSM FCC part number
  • Added license key for Force 300 CSM when used as an Access Point
  • Ensure that the L6 GHz / Force 300 CSM AP default antenna is valid
  • Changed PTP 820/850 Dual Feeder Clamp part number to a pack of 6, reducing quantity required

Please ensure that you are using 5.6.4 and not 5.6.3

The key features of 5.6.3 are:

ePMP Release 4.7

  • Added Force 300 CSM as an AP option
  • Added Flexible Frame option for 11ac Access Points
  • Added DPI/Smart QOS license key to AP optional extras
  • ePMP 2000 Smart Beam-Forming antenna is now obsolete

PMP 450 Release 21

  • Added 5 GHz 450b Omni SM

  • Added 5ms Frame Period at 40 MHz bandwidth for PMP 450m

  • Increase Downlink Data range at 40 MHz bandwidth and 5ms frame size for all APs

  • Added GPS to optional extras for subscriber modules

  • Added nomadic license key to AP optional extras (except for PMP 450m)

    To plan for nomadic mode in LINKPlanner set SMs at both shortest and longest ranges and verify that the AP antenna alignment and required performance is correct at both locations.

  • Updated regulatory requirements for various countries

    The regulatory updates include adding Egypt in the 5.1 and 5.2 GHz bands, as well as removing ETSI from the 4.9 and 5.1 GHz PMP 450b products and removing Malaysia in the 5.4 GHz band


  • Added support for XV2-2T1 to BOM Estimator

PTP 820/850

  • Added support for PTP 850E/850C Multiband with L1 Link Bonding

    When selecting a Multiband Link Type on an 80 GHz PTP 850E product there is a now an Ethernet Configuration option

    • Select Enhanced MC-ABC to multiband PTP 820S or PTP 820C radios with the PTP 850E
    • Select L1 Link Bonding to multiband PTP 850C radios with PTP 850E
  • Updated PTP 850C to the wideband radios at 18 GHz


  • Added QoE devices to hub level BOMs in optional extras


    Please note that these are always available as options at the hub even if the Access Point equipment does not support QoE, check that the AP equipment you are using supports QoE.

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent switch warning errors on subscriber modules

  • Corrected Force 400/425 transmit power levels

    This increases the power in the lower modulation modes in most cases and will show a higher maximum transmit power (where not limited by regulatory requirements). The higher modulation modes are unchanged and therefore peak capacity and availability at higher data rates will not change.

  • Corrected 60 GHz cnWave channel planning error, when setting colors

  • Reinstated missing DC Connectors and Cables for PTP 820F

    This also includes other PTP 820 combinations using DC power, such as 1+1 or 2+2 and some PTP 820E configurations.

  • Ensured that “Use Clutter” setting is stored with project template

    This enables users who don’t want to have Clutter enabled to create a project template with “Use Clutter” disabled and set that as their default template.

  • Added Feeder Clamps for PTP 820/850 Fiber drops

  • Corrected PTP 850C 4+0 L1 Link Bonding BOM

    This changes the interconnect cable between the radios to a new 1 m SM Fiber Data Sharing cable, allowing SM SFP+ to be used for all Fiber connections. It also adds an Agg-Lvl-1 CET Node license key which is required with each L1 Link Bonding License key.

  • Updated ePMP 3000L default antenna to Cambium 90/120 Sector Antenna

  • Updated default PMP 450 SM to PMP 450b Mid-Gain

  • Prevented doubling of optional extras from PMP templates on an Access Point

  • Increased the display precision of Latitude and Longitude to 2 decimal places on seconds, when using deg:min:sec format.

  • Corrected cnMatrix rack mount optional extras

    Reinstated the TX2000 rack mount kit and Full width rack mount kit for the TX2000 switches and added a half width rack mount kit for EX1000 and EX2000 switches.