LINKPlanner v5.6.5 Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from the download site.

The key features of 5.6.5 are:

PTP820/850 Rel 11.9

  • Added ETSI 224 MHz Bandwidth for 850C.

    224 MHz BW is added for 850C. We can only go to the wider bandwidths at the moment for 18 and 23 GHz where we have the new wide PTP 850C radios. Both of these include the ability to combine smaller bandwidths to create either a 220 MHz in the 18 GHz or a 224 MHz bandwidth in the 23 GHz band.

  • Added support for PTP 850E, 2+0 XPIC configuration with Link Bonding.

    This new 2+0 XPIC only uses one data drop cable per end and is configured in LINKPlanner by setting the Ethernet Configuration to L1 Link Bonding.


    The data rate for Link Bonding is slightly lower than the existing options as additional overheads and segmentation are required to divide the traffic between the radios.

    Existing 2+0 XPIC links or new links without L1 Link Bonding have the Ethernet Configuration set to Multiple Ethernet with LAG, as this configuration requires two data drop cables and a switch.

  • Removed 850C ETSI XPIC MRMC script restrictions on 28 MHz.

  • Removed 820C and 820G ETSI XPIC MRMC script restrictions on 28 MHz and 56 MHz.

    The removal of the ETSI restrictions, allows the MRMC scripts with the wider occupied bandwidths to be used for XPIC links, increasing the throughput.

  • Dual Feeder Clamp is now added for every 10 m by default instead of 1 m.

    This number could increase or decrease based on installation, please check local requirements.

    Note that this part is sold individually and not as a pack of six, but each clamp can support up to 6 cables.


Added support for XE5-8 to BOM Estimator

PMP 450 Release 21.1

  • Removed EIRP limits in 900 MHz for Brazil.

    The 36 dBm EIRP limits on PMP 450 SM and PTP 450 are removed.

  • Added N-to-N cable to the BOM for PTP/PMP 450 connectorized products.

28 GHz cnWave

  • Updated BOM for BTS with default AC power supply.
  • Updated BOM for CPE with default CAT6 cable and grounding kit.
  • Updated Installation report.

60 GHz cnWave

  • Updated the default power supply for V5000 and V3000.

  • Added Golay codes at link levels.

    Golay codes are configured on the product for each link rather than at the DN level. For ease of planning LINKPlanner sets the default Golay code at the DN level, as the majority of links on a DN should be using the same Golay code. LINKPlanner is now also offering the ability toset Golay codes at the link level, to support the exception cases where an individual link needs to use a different Golay.


    Remember that the Golay code needs to be the same at each end of the link, so on mesh links, both ends of the link need to be configured. When changing the Golay code on a CN this will be applied to both the DN and CN for that link.


  • Retired ePMP 2000 product.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected Transmit powers for PTP 850S 11 GHz band.

    This increases the power in the lower modulation modes in most cases and will show a higher maximum transmit power (where not limited by regulatory requirements).

  • Ensured that 850E BOM lists Adaptive BW Key when ACMB enabled for all configurations.

  • Restricted available Maximum Mod Modes for PTP 820C, 3.5MHz BW, when using MC-ABC

  • Changed configuration of adaptive modes to automatically cover the full range of modes when the product changes to PTP850C or PTP820F.

    Note that this means that when switching between PTP 820/850 products the modulation modes will always reset to the widest range, even if other modes had been configured. Please check that the modulation modes are set as required once the product has been updated.

  • Included the correct columns in the PTP Links table CSV export.

    This change ensures that the csv output only shows the columns configured for that table when the report settings have “Only export visible columns to CSV file” enabled.

  • Corrected 60 GHz cnWave mesh performance charts when using different maximum modulation modes at each end.

  • Included 256QAM 0.94 Single and Dual Modulation mode for the 7/8 GHz of PTP700 HCMP.

    This change also incorporates a couple of corrections to the sensitivity data:

    1. In the 4.7 to 5.8 GHz band the 16 QAM 0.63 Dual sensitivity has reduced by 1.5 dB, for the majority of links this will not affect the predicted performance, unless that mode is the first mode which has any significant receive time in mode (for example on very long links or some obstructed paths)
    2. In the 7 – 8 GHz bands the noise figure has been corrected (increased by 2 dB) and the dual modes have improved sensitivity, which on many links balance out, but the lower modes will show a reduced fade margin, which may result in lower availability
  • Fixed issue when changing from 60 GHz to 2.5 GHz band

  • Enabled Best Server to run with Force 300 CSM as preferred SM product

  • Modified Best Server antenna order to prioritize current antennas in preference to obsolete antennas

  • Prevented PTP 850 products from offering “Power from switch” for DC power options.

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