LINKPlanner v5.6.6 Now Available

A new release of the LINKPlanner is available from the download site.

The key features of 5.6.6 are:

60 GHz cnWave

  • Added V2000 for PTP and as a CN in PMP

    The new V2000 60 GHz cnWave radio has been added and is available in the product drop down selections alongside the V1000 and V3000 radios.

    As part of this change we have also increased the maximum MCS for the V1000 to MCS 12. This does not improve the data rate to any individual V1000, which is limited by the GbE port, but may show a small improvement in the overall DN throughput. When opening old projects the maximum MCS for the V1000 will not change, but will update if the product is changed to V2000 or V3000 and remain if returned to the V1000. Alternatively the Maximum Mod Mode can be bulk edited in the PMP Links table view or Links to Subscriber Modules table on the DN, or individually on the CN Equipment page.


  • Added V3000 High Gain Radome

    You can select this from the list of antenna options

    The loss of the radome has been incorporated into the antenna gain and will be slightly different for each channel. The radome is purchased separately from the antenna, so the BOM will include the existing High Gain antenna and the radome. The radomes are only available in packs of 2.

  • Added Node Type definition to Network Sites and additional export columns

    The Node Type column by default is blank (as not required by any other product family) but can be bulk edited to set to either DN or POP for each site as required.


    The other two columns have been added to the PMP Links – Access Points table and are called “Sector 1 Links with” and “Sector 2 Links with”, these show the mesh connections to each sector on this DN. The Node Types column is also available at this level. These columns help in the configuration of cnMaestro for 60 GHz cnWave.


  • Changed V3000 High Gain antenna in PTP mode to use the single antenna SKU

    The default part for the V3000 High Gain antenna when planning in PTP mode is now the single antenna SKU, the 4-pack part is available in optional extras.

  • Added alignment tube automatically to V3000 equipment BOM

    The C000000L190 Alignment Tube is now added automatically to every PTP link, if either end is a V3000 and to every DN that has at least one CN using a V3000. Please remember to adjust total quantities if this results in more alignment tubes then required.

28 GHz cnWave

  • Added 50 and 100 MHz channel bandwidths

  • Added Spatial Frequency calculation

    The Spatial Frequency is used in the Mu-MIMO calculations using a similar algorithm to the PMP 450m and has been made available as a column in the PMP Links table and Links to Subscriber Modules table, to aid in planning appropriate separations for improved Mu-MIMO performance. It is dependent on the channel frequency and bearing to the AP.


PTP 820/850

  • Retired PTP 850S

    This radio is no longer available for sale, please use either the PTP 820S or the PTP 850C (for the higher capacity modulation modes and bandwidths).


  • Added cnMaestro X Subscription part numbers to BOM Extras

Bug Fixes

  • 60 GHz cnWave - Re-enabled DL Performance in DN Performance Summary

  • PMP 450 N-to-N cable corrections

    Removed N-to-N cables from PMP 450 MicroPop and PTP 450b Connectorized as the radios don’t have N-type connectors and corrected the quantity to 2 per end.

  • ePMP MP 3000 MicroPop corrected Surge Suppressor and Power Supply to 56V devices

  • Corrected aggregation of parts shared between CMM5 and other products and aggregation of cable products from optional extras

  • PTP 670 HCMP – Prevent ATEX/HAZLOC and non-ATEX/HAZLOC from interoperating

  • ePMP – mark CMM5 as retired and add TX2000 as a Synchronization Source

  • Removed incorrect license keys for PTP 820/850

  • PMP 450m – changed default to Mu-MIMO mode

the app is showing an “unknown publisher” , some Orgs devices wont allow that to be installed. try to fix it :slight_smile:

Hi Mohammad,

We have no plans to code-sign the application again unfortunately. Even when we did, antivirus software still flagged it incorrectly because it is a relatively niche application so it doesn’t get a wide reputation.

For now the work-around is trivial and in time we plan to drop the desktop application altogether.



Thanks Andrew, appreciate your response.