LINKPlanner v6.0.4 Now Released (includes v6.0.3 features)

LINKPlanner online has now been updated to version 6.0.4.

Release 6.0.4 was a bug fix only release to fix the following issues:

  • Enable Network Devices to be created through the Create Network Device Wizard
  • Ensure that PMP links created through the map view are processed correctly
  • Add a maximum range limit of 30 km to the viewsheds

The key features of the 6.0.3 release are:

cnWave 60 GHz

  • Added mesh links

The new mesh link menus can only be used when a Network Device has been configured for 60 GHz. Adding mesh links does not change the Bill of Materials on the Network Devices.

To add a mesh link either select the add button from the Mesh Links list or table view in the main menu or from the Mesh Links table on an individual Network Device.

Select the DNs required from the Create Mesh Links menu:

Click on the Mesh Link in the list or table view to see the details and performance of the link. For more detailed information see this section of the User Guide, Planning PMP networks – Mesh Links

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent modelled beamwidth from reverting to default value
  • Ensure Best Server progress warnings persist when changing projects
  • Maintain project list after discarding changes
  • Refresh site tables correctly after site import
  • Prevent duplicate site creation when double clicking on map
  • Prevent errors with invalid or null height settings
  • Display warnings when number of SMs to be added exceeds requirement

Note that for 60 GHz Network Devices the warning is with respect to the total subscribers that can be connected across both sectors. As the sector isn’t known at the time the subscribers are selected, this may still lead to overload on one of the sectors.