LINKPlanner v6.1.3 Now Released

LINKPlanner online has been updated to version 6.1.3

The key features of the 6.1.3 release are:

PTP 670

  • Added support for PTP 670 without the network synchronization capability

The PTP 670 has been added to the PTP side of LINKPlanner and can only be planned with Sync disabled. The network TDD synchronization capability and HCMP will be added in a later release.

cnMatrix – Tower switches

  • Added support to add cnMatrix TX switches to sites, which can then be used for power or synchronization for PTP ends and Network Devices

To add Tower Switches either go to the Network Sites table and select the sites you want to include, then choose Add/Edit Tower Switch, alternatively to add a switch to a single site, go to the single site page and select the Add switch icon at the top of the page, please see for more information.

To use a switch as a power source, go to the BOM for the PTP link or Network Device and either choose the ends or tick the Power from switch? box. Please note that if this is greyed out or the end you want is not available in a PTP link then make sure that you have added a switch to the site first.


60 GHz cnWave

  • Added ability to create mesh links in the map view

To add mesh links in the map view, click the mesh icon in the right hand toolbar image003 then select the first DN sector and drag the cursor across to the second DN sector to create the link. Remember to select within the sector area, rather than on the network site. If a DN is too far away or outside of the sector coverage of the first DN the mesh link will have a No Entry image004 sign.

Changes from V5.6.8 have also added new Asymmetric TDD ratios for PTP links to give 7 different DL/UL ratios from 75/25 to 25/75. Note that when different radio products are used at each end of the link the throughput in both directions is constrained to the lower of the two products. The V1000 is further constrained by the Gigabit Ethernet line limit which reduces the difference between the two directions in the higher MCS.

5G Fixed cnWave

  • Added Mu-MIMO

On the BTS the Performance Summary continues to show the SISO (Mu-MIMO Disabled) performance for the usual long term availability (configured on the PMP Links and typically 99%), as in previous releases. The PMP Links performance data also reflects the base SISO performance.

The Mu-MIMO performance is shown in a pop-up report by clicking on the “Mu-MIMO Report” option in the Network Device Performance Summary section.


Note that group sizes of 8 are only possible with the 50 and 56 MHz bandwidths, higher bandwidths are limited to a maximum group size of 6.

Changes from V5.6.8 have improved the throughput rates and added differentiation of sensitivity based on polarization, with horizontal polarization having improved sensitivity compared to vertical. There are small changes in the vertical sensitivity as well.


  • Updated the look and feel of the tooltips on the map view
  • Added a search capability to the table columns dropdown selection menu

Type into the search box and the list will adjust to items matching the search criteria, allowing quicker selection of parameters


  • Automatically populate the Tower Site email with site ID and name

When you select the Email link from the pop-up information, the email subject line contains the Asset ID and Asset Name.

  • Removal of American Tower site locations

Bug Fixes

  • Viewsheds
    • Ensured they update correctly after deletion and hide properly when there are collocated sites
    • Correctly use existing configuration when selecting the “Create from existing” option
    • Maintain network site naming when there are collocated subscriber sites
    • Use appropriate display resolution for heights and ranges
    • Prevented height above clutter options being used when Clutter is not enabled
    • Ensured that pending or failed viewsheds are only displayed on relevant project
  • Update Save/Discard icon colors correctly when saving a project from the main menu
  • Display limit warnings appropriately in the UI when adding sites, Network Devices and links
  • Persist user selected column order in sites tables, within the project and between projects as for other tables
  • Corrected PTP tables to use correct default columns and logical sorting, rather than sorting by string
  • Prevented the Delete option being active on links in a read only project
  • Corrected 60 GHz cnWave adjacent sector warning so that it only applies if sectors are on the same channel
  • Ensured that the ND templates are recalculated correctly after a software update or project level recalculation
  • Modified the CSV export precision to match the table view precision
  • Prevented UI crashing when toggling from PTP links to table view
  • Prevented user entering negative IP Required limits in Performance Summary
  • Improved the Path Profile vertical scale labels

This only changes the view if the total height variation is only a few meters or less.

  • Ensured that clutter height edits are used correctly in the Best Server Analysis
  • Matched the SM antenna polarity with that at the ND for cnReach single polarization antennas
  • Prevent the creation of PTP links from the same start and end location