LINKPlanner v6.1.4 Now Released

LINKPlanner online has been updated to version 6.1.4

The key features of the 6.1.4 release are:

PTP 850/820

  • Added support for the following licensed band PTP 850/820 products with 1+0 link configuration.
    • PTP 850C
    • PTP 850E
    • PTP 820C
    • PTP 820S
    • PTP 820G with RFU-C

Note that PTP 820C has not been added in the bands that are pending obsolescence. Please continue to use the desktop version for these bands.


  • ePMP 11ax updates:
    • Added support for ePMP 4500L, ePMP Force 4525, ePMP Force 4525L products to the PTP side.
    • Added support for ePMP 4600L, ePMP Force 4625, ePMP Force 4600C products to the PTP side.
    • Extended support for ePMP Force 400C and ePMP Force 425 products in 5.9 GHz and L6 band.

Please note that in this release these products are only supported on the PTP side of LINKPlanner with the ePTP mode and cannot be combined on a link with either 11n or 11ac products.

To use the 4600 family of radios choose the Lower and Upper 6 GHz frequency bands

To use the 4500 family of radios choose the 5.1 to 5.8 GHz frequency bands

On ePMP 4600L/ePMP Force 4600C there is also a Range Extender option for the 2x2 antenna

  • Added connectorized antenna options to FCC/IC bands in PMP ND mode.

Now in FCC/IC regions, external antennas can be selected for connectorized ePMP AP modules, but carry the warning to show which ones have not been included during Cambium FCC Type Approval testing.

60 GHz cnWave:

  • POP sites are identified differently in the map view.

The POP sites are now shown as a red outlined diamond in the map view if the Node Type field has been configured on the Network Site.


  • Extended the list of available column options in the Mesh Links table.

cnWave 5G Fixed

  • Included Mu-MIMO throughput values in the ND Performance Summary.
  • Added Mu-MIMO information to the Installation and Proposal reports.

The Instantaneous Dry Mu-MIMO throughput values are now always shown in the AP Performance Summary below the existing SISO results. To get more Mu-MIMO information click on Mu-MIMO Report button.

This Mu-MIMO information is also now included in the Installation and Proposal reports under the Access Point Summary section.


  • Added Path Profile editor.

To make changes to the Path Profile select the Edit button in the top right of the profile

Then make the required changes in the left hand Profile Editor and click on Save (or Cancel) to return to the main window

To return to the original profile click on Revert Profile, this will discard all changes made to the profile.

  • Added Google Earth™ Exporter

The project can now be exported to a Google Earth™ KMZ file by clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the filename in the Project List and selecting Export to Google Earth™. This will produce a KMZ file which can be downloaded to your local computer and opened in Google Earth ™.


  • Added antenna selection component PTP, PMP table with the required information.

The table now provides additional information on the antennas including whether they are single or dual polarization, size and regulatory compliance. The table can be sorted by any of the columns by clicking on the column heading.


  • Extended the list of available column options in the PTP Links table.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected issue of 60 GHz cnWave products not respecting conducted power limits on ND when user limits selected.
  • Fixed bug in 60GHz cnWave, which errored when sites in the sector warnings are using Unicode names
  • Corrected ND/SM Interference constraint limits to only allow Interference values between 144 and -40 dBm.
  • Added “Power from switch” option for 3 GHz PMP 450m, to power the LPU
  • Fixed the issue with Network Site maximum height resetting to default when the Network Site moved in the map view.
  • Corrected PMP Network Counts and added PTP Link Counts column to the Network Sites table.
  • Removed Group Name from the PMP proposal and installation reports.

Hello, when predictions for 450v equipment will be added?


We will be introducing the 450v radios in our next desktop release V5.7.0 next week and they will be in the next online release by the end of this year.

Support for Carrier Aggregation will be added in Q1 2024.

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Hi all, does the online version of linkplanner allow you to import and export projects?

Yes, it allows you to import LP app projects and export them as well.