LinkPlanner Version 4.2.2 will not run after install...

After installing the new version of linkplanner, 4.2.2, it will not run.  It hangs up and gives me an error box that also hangs up.  I have to force it closed.  A co-worker is also having issues installing it.  However, it did install on my laptop just fine...just not on my desktop.


I think that this is related to a known issue that some users have reported in v4.2.2. I've uploaded the patch to:

To install the patch:

- Close LINKPlanner
- Open the LINKPlanner installation directory in Explorer (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Cambium Networks\LINKPlanner)
- Navigate to the "link_planner\utils" folder
- Replace the existing "http.pyc" file with the attached version
You should be able to start LINKPlanner once the patch is installed.

Worked, thanks!

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We have just released v4.2.3 which contains the fix for this bug. It is available from