LinkPlanner with PMP450M

Is there a tutorial to something that can guide me on how to run LinkPlanner with the PMP450M. I thought I read somewhere that it can be use to simulate client grouping. I've managed to get the AP setup and showing its general coverage of 90deg and have my clients uploaded from my KML file but now I am not sure how to show its grouping for the AP. Thanks



If the Access Point is configured with the PMP 450m product and the Operating Mode is set to Downlink Mu-MIM0 then the Links to Subscriber Modules toolbar includes the Highlight ungrouped command.

To identify subscribers which are not grouping, select this option and the Links to Subscriber Modules list displays the Medusa Grouping OK? column, sorts the table on this column and highlights any subscriber modules that are not grouped. 

 PMP 450m grouping..JPG

 Highlighting ungrouped subscriber modules (picture)

"Medusa Grouping Ok?" will show which ones are less likely to group and identify areas where there are clusters of SMs.

If "Highlight ungrouped" is selected it will bring them to the top of the list and show them in yellow.