linksys router not working

Here is my setup…192.168.1.x for all AP, BH, and SMs. Customer PC’s will be given a public IP for a DHCP server.

Here is the problem…When i try to introduce a linksys wrt54g router into the LAN port of the SM, it gets the public IP from the DHCP, and the router gives out its own private ip address on the 192.168.0.x network.

But none of the desktops or laptops are able to access the internet.

IF I plug the LAN port of the SM into one of the switch ports of the router (not the WAN or internet port), and disable the DHCP server on the router, everythign works fine because all devices are getting an public IP from my dhcp server.

I can not figure out why the linksys router will not work with this setup. It seems pretty straight foward. I have upgraded the router to the latest firmware as well. No difference.

I have seen this issue quite often on our network. We do not see the issue with any other brand of router, only the linksys. I have read that upgrading the firmware on the linksys will resolve the issue, but it has not in many cases for us. Try a different brand router and check if you still see the issue?

is the router passing on the dns info to the pc?