Linux Foundation LF Connectivity project

Cambium Networks is proud to work with The Linux Foundation and its members on the LF Connectivity open source project to address challenges delivering high-bandwidth fixed and mobile technology.

“The multi-gigabit speeds and short range of 60 GHz millimeter wave technology are valuable, but distributed networking is the driver that will evolve the capabilities of last mile connectivity,” said Atul Bhatnagar, president and CEO, Cambium Networks. “This transformation is evident in the market’s enthusiasm for our cnWave™ solutions which are fully Terragraph compliant at the chipset, network node, and network management layers and are essential to delivering the full benefits in scalability, resilience, and redundancy. It’s been amazing working with Meta on the Terragraph standard through the years, and Cambium Networks is looking forward to working with the Linux Foundation to build solutions now and in the future that leverage high throughput backhaul with distributed networking.”

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