Linux install problem


I'm trying to install WM Manager 4.3 on a CentOS 6.6 box (32 bit, as required)

As soon as I boot the box, I get the following error:

This OEM edition of Cambium Networks Wireless Manager is of Professional license type and has been licensed to Evaluation User in Cambium Networks for Wireless Management System.

Checkout status for WMServerV4 license: Fail
No such license exists on license server.
Message from FLEXNet server for license WMServerV3: No Such Feature Exists (-5,3027)

The box is freshly installed, I have installed the required packages as figures in the WM Manager FAQ. The installation gives no errors. The SQL connectivity test results OK.

I have to manage 50 PMP100 SM's. As the WM Manager info says, I need no license to manage the PMP100

I also tryied to login via web and I have no results.

Thank you and sorry for bad english,


Hi Diego,

Yes. You are  right. We don't need license to manage SM's devices.

In license file there  are two license :

1. For WM server

2. For managing devices

So, you need one license to start the wm server.

Please contact the support team for getting the license file. 

You need to provide the MAC address of the server system.

In case of any query/concern, please us know.