Listen Before Talk only listening for unsync'd noise

I'd like to see an option added to Listen Before Talk which causes it to only listen during the listen phase of the frame, essentially ignoring synchronised noise.

I'm not sure what the regulatory implications of that would be, but I think it would help relieve some of the congestion in the 3.65 spectrum by recognizing unsync'd noise as a greater problem than sync'd.

Ted, Good thought and that is how LBT currently works! :) 

When LBT is enabled 3.65 FCC or 5.4 ETSI, there is 50 plus microseconds of dead space in the frame where their is zero from Canopy systems being sent. Even bandwidth requests are not sent during this time. So it does ignore synchronized noise.

Of course if you have multiple AP's on a tower they should have the exact same frame configuration (max range, contention slots, channel bandwidth) to ensure their is no overlap of these times. 

@Ray, you can mark this as already completed.

Awesome!  Thanks for the clarification.