Logging all Wi-Fi connections

There are cases where an administrator may want a log of all connections from wireless clients. This might be either for analytics reasons, understanding traffic flows, or because local laws and regulations might need such a record.

On cnPilot Wi-Fi systems there are two configuration options that enable this logging:

- DNS logging

- Connection logging

DNS logging as the name implies, logs all Domain Name resolution requests from the clients, which is usually all the websites (the server names, not complete URLs) the user accesses. 

Connecting logging logs the destination and source IP and ports for all TCP connections initiated by the client.

Both of these logs are generated in standard Syslog format from the AP and can be directed to any standard syslog server.

This configuration is under the advanced settings of WLAN. Both servers can be configured by specifying either their IP address of their hostname:

DNS and Connection logging