Login Into CnPilot E500 From Wireless Network

Hello all,

I have an E500 cnpilot, i would love to be able to manage while connected to the wifi network. The problem i have is, my network has a dhcp server so the E500 gets a new IP each time and since i cant tell the IP i dont know how else i can log into this device. All IP leases come from the DHCP server so the E500 acts simple as a relay for the DHCP server. Is there a way around this?

Hi Dezmund,

You can manage the AP through the cnMaestro controller, personally I find this easiest.

From cnMaestro you can also view the IP address of the access point, should you need to connect to it directly.

Or on your DHCP server you could set your E500 to have a static IP address.

Dezmund, you can view the IP address that it has been assigned from your DHCP server in the details section of the device in the dashboard. Here is a screen shot of an example. 

Thanks for your response. But from the screenshot you’re viewing the ip address from cnmaestro. I don’t have cnmaestro, just a standalone cnpilot connected to a cisco switch. The DHCP server is from the HQ and I’m not an admin, with my office power going off periodically so there’s always a new lease. I can’t configure a static binding, so the cnpilot and all clients that connect to it get new leases everytime. I want to be able to log into the cnpilot from wireless but I can’t find out how to check the ip it recieves. Using ipconfig when connected to the cnpilot WiFi doesn’t give its ip as the default gateway instead it’s the default gateway of the entire enterprise that I see.


Could you please providefew  inputs w.r.t your deployment as below:

  • Do you have access to Cisco switch?
  • Are APs obtaining DHCP IP on VLAN 1?
  • Is any WLAN configured with VLAN 1, which you can connect?

Based on your response to above queries, I can think of a solution.

2019-02-12 14_30_09-WinBox v3.18 (Addresses).png

Maybe Cambium should start thingking like Mkrotik does

Which I can use MAC address instead of ip address to connect to AP.
So no matter which ip the AP use, I can still connect.