long launch time

im having problems clients spending up to 10-15 minutes starting Wireless Manager

once the app is started everything works normaly.

WM 4.5.6

java version 8 update 91

this happened after the upgrade from the previous version of WM, but at the same time java was updated so i am not sure which one might be causing the issues.

i try to start the client on the WM server but it is very slow to start there too. but not as slow as over network

More ram and SSD's helped us deal with super slow WM client load times... there's also a white paper that Cambium published at one point on optimizing WM, but it appears to have been removed from the support site. After a little bit of digging around I found it however and have attached it.

NOTE! Be very careful when applying the performance optimization features. Do them ONE AT A TIME! I remember that I did a bunch of them at once and WM broke and I had to back track to figure out which one.

all those are applied :)

thing is it worked ok before i upgraded, i just dont know if it was because of the java update i did at the same time as 4.5.6 update

we are currently on windows VM

do you know if you run on linux it uses 64bit mysql ? i noticed now mine is 32 bit from the default installer.

not sure if it would make a difference, but i would like my DB to spend alot more than just 900mb of memory

Hi Nordkontakt,

Wireless Manager 4.5.6 (x64) Installer comes with MySQL 5.5 64 bit. Thus, you can upgrade your mysql version to x64 bit version in case you are using 64 bit serve rmachine. Secondaly, if you feel that this could be because your jre upgradation then try to downgrade it and check if this issue is still persist. You can also try with JRE 1.6/1.7 portable version by launching client using command: ../<JRE_PATH>/bin>javaws.exe http://<server_ip_address>:9090/conf/WebNMS.jnlp  

for some reason the java client was installed on the local WM server.

i uninstalled it and pointed jnlp files to the local jre of the WM, which is realy old. 1.6 i think.

and WM now starts within a few seconds.

you guys should look into this as probably most clients will have the newest java installed because of all the bugs in it.

i also looked into my mysql, i just recently upgraded my WM from the previous version and i used the X64 4.5.6 installer, my mysql was upgraded but it is still 32bit

Hi Nordkontakt,

Surely, we will take care of WM client compatibility with the latest JRE (1.8.x) in our next product release.

Regarding 32 bit MySQL existence, may be you did not select MySQL option in WM to upgrade it from 32 bit to 64 bit. Please make sure that the MySQL option has been selected and you have pointed it to the correct mysql installed location.