Long range 6.4GHz ePMP1000 SM?

It's a licensed band here in Poland, which I hope will save me in the hopelessly oversaturated 5GHz band.  I'm currently using ePMP1000 GPS synced APs and Force180 SMs.  With the connectorized SMs (useful at longer distances where 16dBi gain is not enough) being phased out, do I have any alternatives?  I'd be happy to see even just one of the following 6.4 GHz solutions:
 - Higher gain (more directional) integrated SM

 - Elevate for MikroTik BaseBox6

 - SM to be mounted in focus of a satellite dish (like MikroTik LDF)

 - New (802.11ax?) devices supporting 6GHz band?  But I need compatibility with already installed 802.11n/ePMP1000 ones.  And, need the whole band up to 6.4 GHz (not 6.1 or 6.2) as I can't change the frequencies allocated to me by the regulatory authority (all of the band is already taken).