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I'm new here and not sure if this is the right place to ask.

I have been trying to find a solution that will allow a moving unit to maintain a link with a tower (maybe a sector antenna).  It is clear LOS over water.  The range would be around 30KM with a throughput of 30 to 120 Mbps.  Does Cambium have anything that can accomplish this? 

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There are two issues to grapple with here. The first is that since the path is over water, you really need vertical space diversity. The second is that the antenna gain required to go 30km and guarantee 30MHz really needs directional antennas at one or both ends. So before recommending a solution, it is necessary to know more about the deployment particularly about the area to be covered and the ability physically to point one or both antennas.


Of course I should have recommended a method of planning and a product:

LINKPlanner enables the planning of links such as this. It is free to download and use.


Once latitude and longitude for a link is entered it provides you with email addresses for sales assistance and also for the LINKPlanner team. If the heights of the ends of links are put in it can recommend diversity antenna spacing for the specific problem of links over water.

PTP650 is probably the product that you want. It has a maximum throughput of 450Mbps. Although it is not specified for mobile working, within certain constraints it works quite well and it or similar products have performed well for a number of ship to shore applications. If the application needs a tracking high gain antenna then Cambium have partners that have integrated their tracking solutions with Cambium's Point to Point Links.

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here is a pic I did using google earth.  1 to 3 = 60KM 1 to 2 = 40KM 2 to 3 = 50KM. 

Boat is at -  49° 5'37.14"N  67°47'44.66"W so you can have an idea where in the world it is.

I have Link Planner, but I didn't see any omni antennas.  A tracking system would be ideal, I have done some research on them and have only found ones that track sattelites.

The towers can be placed almost anywhere using solar power if in a remote location (top of mountain).



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After doing more research based on what you said, I found the BATS wireless which has Cambium as a partner.  Very nice equipment.  I'm assuming it would work with the PTP650, or does it have it's own antennas? 

I seen a link giving a price of around $50K per unit.  How accurate is that?  I don't want a million dollar system but wouldn't flinch at $50-$100K


As I said this is not really a mobile system but can be used mobile under some constraints. What you will have noticed with the linkplanner is that you need antennas of at least 30dBi gain at each end of the link. These are a minimum of 3ft dishes. In BATS you will use a dual polar dish whereas the masts will use two single polar dishes.

Omni antennas only have up to 12dBi gain.