Looking at 450 lineup

Hi everyone, looking for insight/advice on breaking into the 450 realm. So we are looking at dragging fiber to a tower that will be linking with another tower, 16km away, and where the tower will be that will have the fiber NOC is nestled right behind a small rural town but probably with estimated 100 rate payers that only have access to poor dsl service. We would like to set something up with a 90 degree area of coverage and was wondering if a 450i would do the trick… town does have tress and such and wondering if the 450i could handle a mix of NLOS and LOS? Thanks!

What bands do you have access to and what distances are you trying to shoot? If you have access to 3GHz then 450i might work OK for nNLOS, although 450m would work better due to the much higher maximum EIRP. I would probably avoid nNLOS with 5GHz in all but the closest of shots.

I dont have access to 3ghz…450m just does not pencil out for the ROI. we are talking no more that 1-1.5km for max distance.

As mentioned, I personally avoid any nNLOS with 450 and I don’t know of anyone that is actively using it for that application… BUT… at that distance, if there was a couple small trees in the way, it would probably work OK. You’d have best luck using the 450b high gain SM’s.

Have you thought about using ePMP on 2.4GHz? That works pretty decently nNLOS out in a rural area where the noise floor is lower.

Thanks Eric… is that the epmp 2000 for the 2.4? What kind of throughput could one expect with the 2.4? Also does the 450 lineup have 2.4 and 900ghz available?

There is no e2k/e3k for 2.4GHz… just the original e1k 802.11n-based radios and they have the same performance as e1k at 5GHz… i.e. around a maximum of 5 bits per hertz, so 100mbps @ 20MHz, 50mbps at 10MHz, etc. again that’s best case scenario. Real world we typically see around a max of 60-70mbps in a 20MHz channel on a loaded up AP with 30-40 SM’s. If your spectrum is clean enough you could use a 40MHz channel, although, you won’t get much more out of it then 20 due to PtMP overheard and CPU limitations on the e1k line.

The 450 line does have 2.4ghz and even 900mhz radios, but for 2.4, I believe ePMP is more cost effective.

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Hi Eric, closest of shots being a Max distance of…?

When dealing with nNLOS, YMMV, wildly… go out and experiment.

Hi Eric, sorry for late reply. I am looking at implementing the 3GHz 450m but was wondering how you planned using link planner? I tried a couple links that would be .22km from the tower and where there are trees it says they are deciduous forest but I know they definitely are not lol. So I just do not want to think I will succeed with non line and near line of sight and link planner is saying its not good using 450m and 450b sub

I don’t use LinkPlanner for modeling nNLOS coverage… I do a study using cnHeat.