Looking for outdoor Wi-Fi that is fed by Fixed Wireless stories

Enterprises have used fixed wireless to extend the network and create outdoor Wi-Fi coverage areas. This architecture has been used to provide:

Municipal Wi-Fi coverage areas
RV Park and Resort coverage
Logistics areas for warehouse and transportation staging
Video security systems with Wi-Fi cameras

Are there other applications? Share your story and a photo.

I utilize Cambium WiFi (XV2-2T1 & XV2-2T0) for providing outdoor WiFi coverage at campgrounds and various venues. My initial deployment of Cambium APs was at a campground in Dever, PA. Employing Mikrotik fixed wireless 60ghz PtP, I connected several buildings and main towers to establish a robust, high-bandwidth backhaul to the main office.

For the WiFi coverage, I strategically placed XV2-2T0 units on buildings to envelop the area, while utilizing 3 XV2-2T1 APs mounted on telephone poles to directly cover the camping sites. The installation has met the satisfaction of the customer, with their guests utilizing it to its fullest potential.

Additionally, the customer expressed interest in a new security camera system. I integrated a Ubiquiti camera system throughout the park, leveraging the same PtP infrastructure that supports the Cambium APs.


Thanks for sharing your story Thomas. I really like those standoff brackets that attach to the pole that the Cambium APs are mounted to. Can you please provide the manufacturer and the part number?

Mikrotik quickMOUNT extra QME - MikroTik Routers and Wireless - Products: QME

Looking to do something similar with the Tik PtP. I was really thinking of doing the CubeSA 60Pro ac. But I keep reading about people saying that they have a lower client count than Ubiquiti, Less Range, and drop off pretty sharply once you have more than 3 clients.

Leaning more towards the WAVE AP Micro at this point. After all I have AirOS devices that have been out there “doing their thing”, unattended, for over a decade. The Site I was at on Friday had a Prizm and sure enough… one glance at its interface and I was remembering just how easy that line was to deal with.

The odd ball thing at this site is one area would need the ability to move MPtP points. Not as bad as… “Hey we wanna set up a couple of devices on carts.” But network connected facades made out of shipping containers can be picked up and dumped… and certain attractions might suddenly ruin my lines of site.

Also… on the Wireless WireCube Pro. I am seeing reports on the forum of water infiltration. With members recommending opening units and resealing where metal meets the plastic. Have you seen anything like that?

I cant speak with regards to the client count of the Tik Cubes. I use them in e PtP setup only, so that there is less chance of increased latency cause by high bandwidth with PTMP. The 60 Cube pros are great, and have over a hundred deployed with no water intrusion that I am aware of. lol I have gone up to any and taken them down to check for water, but they all work flawlessly. Thew Waves are great, But I have issues with Ubiquiti gear and there GUI. The Tiks just work and paired with a Tik Switch the data per-port cant not be beat.

Had a Paired Cube Pro default to Netinstall yesterday. Hard reset reconnected.

Public Event Space

Connecting from the Bell Tower… past the Water Tower… to the Kitchen.

60 GHZ is connecting at 2.3G. 165.59 Meters

Credit Card readers at the tables… NO PROBLEM at all.