Looking for router that can handle thousands of simultaneous users

i also need a router that can handle more than 10000 or 10000 simultaneous users please some one should help me

that many users?

you need to be more specific to your needs. An old cisco3825 with 1gb ram would handle 10k users with pppoe and nat but at 1kbps each.

What kind of users sessions are you using/designing for? Do you need NAT? Are you just running routes?

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Yeah, you should probably start a new post and go over your needs in more detail.

Pls i need more enlightening on the question i made sir this is my whatapp number +2348021367188 available for 24/7

No again i am using firber connection and dchp

I dont Whatapp, sorry.

Please describe your needs in as much detail as you can. Saying you need a router for 10,000 customers is like asking fiat or bicycle, you will not get much of a good answer.

I am assuming you are an ISP.

We need to know roughly how much bandwidth you will be needing to move so what data throughput packages are you planning? 10,000 users with 10/2 packages with a 20:1 over subscription rate will need to move 5Gbps so an ASR1002 would do that with the 10Gbps license would allow you to do this and have a bit of room to grow or offer some larger packages. This same router can be software upgraded to 36Gbps so it wont be a used for 2 years and tossed. If your planning larger packages or lower over subscription rates then you should look at the ASR1002-HX which is capable of up to 100Gbps.

This illustrates how it is imperative to provide a lot of information about your network design and requirements to even get close to a reasonable answer.

Keep in mind routers come in a few conditions: cheap, reliable & line-rate; pick two and the remaining condition is what it wont be.