Looking to get a Cambium Networks

I need a new broadband network connection for my home. I have a question what is needed to get a brand-new connection and what are the monthly charges?

I already have some wires and routers Cisco C1111-4P (https://www.allhdd.com/cisco-c1111-4p-4-ports-router/ that I was using for my old network. Can I use this equipment or You will provide me with everything new?

Hey there, you seem to be new to Cambium! Cambium designs and sells equipment that internet service providers can then use to provide service. Cambium does not actually sell internet service… they’re not an ISP. I’d suggest that you check your local Google Maps and search for “Internet service provider” or “wireless internet service provider” or some communities have a forum called “NextDoor” that you can find information on local ISP’s.