Looking to start VoIP services

I'd really like to start offering our own VoIP service through our network with Asterisks or FreePBX type server but have no idea where to start.  I'm sure I can work out the server side issues and I understand that it will need to be tied into the PSTN.  However, what will I need from the PSTN provider?  POTS? T1? Will I need a long distance carrier on the back end to complete the calls from our VoIP server to people using PSTN network?  Any help would be appreciated. 

I'd really have to encourage you to reconsider that approach...  I've been doing VOIP work for many years.  Built a few Asterisk servers with hand-edited dial plans (pre-freePBX days) early on and several since, including golf courses and a couple townships.  I've used both VOIP and POTS trunking, including multiple-T1s at a couple locations.

The ISP I work for added VOIP services a few years ago.  When we did, our partner in the wireless network (a local wireline incumbent carrier) took on most of the administrative (paperwork, legal compliance, E911, etc) responsibilities.

We installed a turnkey VOIP platform (redundant Solaris servers) with VOIP trunk service over our internet, and for the most part* I'm very glad we did.  The platform actually uses Asterisk under the hood, and we build/deploy Asterisk/FreePBX based systems sometimes, like schools, churches and racetracks, but I'd be very hesitant to take on the responsibility for building and maintaining the platform itself.

Too much rides on absolute reliability of that platform, and there are a great many niggling details of offering the service (bureaucratic and legal) that I'd never willingly take on, unless that was my ONLY job.  As it stands, the VOIP service and the ~200 customers using it are the source of too many of my headaches.


* - there are several small irritants where they refuse to expose certain features that I know exist on the underlying system, like forcing all audio recordings to always be WAV49

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May I ask which turnkey solution you went with?  I've also considered cloud PBX reselling but that has its own issues as well -no local numbers, porting difficult, location of their servers, etc.  But, and on-premise turn key solution wouldn't be too bad if it made sense financially.  Thanks for your response!

We went with IPIFony, (pronounced like 'epiphany') who provided the platform, maintain it remotely, and provide support relating to it.  I think all of the trunk service is now carried by VOIP Innovations, but I'm honestly not certain.


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I'd recommend the NetSapiens system. We went with it and as long as you have QoS correctly configured on backhaul links and APs.

The system is a hosted PBX style and you can offer hosted VoIP, sip trunking or POSTS ATA's. Very good pricing model.