loop errors


We have a plain network with couple of canopy AP and SM.

it has happened few times when one of the SM user has a faulty NIC / SWITCH, to bring down the whole network. You cannnot reach anything till you power the client down.

How is this possible to avoid such kind of scenerio ?

This is usually caused by a virus that starts chatter within the network. The first machine starts issuing network sessions, and the other machines within the network start answering. All the machines start answering each other until it builds to the point where there is no bandwidth left.

Another is when a user plugs in the router backwards

A couple of things you can do.

1. Do not put public IP’s in the radios. Use a private network for all canopy devices.
2. Require all users to have a broadband router - put the public IP in the router.
3. Filter SMB, BootP client, BootP server, IPv4 Multicast in the SM

Thanks for the reply.

We use private IP on our canopy radios.

its not virus, its usually a faulty switch or NIC, once we replace that things are ok, will the below prevent also that…

thanks again.

** what will IP4 multicast prevent the user ?