Loosing cnMaestro connection


I am having an issue where 1 access point is loosing connectivity to cnMaestro. How it happens is:

  • that the green light on the unit turns orange 
  • I can log into cnMaestro and see the unit and overview information but no information on what clients are connected
  • When I log onto the unit itself if I go into system and untick cnMaestro and re-check it the unit will connect fully to cnMaestro again with the orange light turning green and the client information becoming available. 
  • Once the unit is connected it will disconnect again within a day or so. 

Any thoughts or similar problems?



On the device Dashboard what is the cnMaestro connection status ?,  when the LED is orange are you able to ping to cloud.cambiumnetworks.com?,   can you please send techsupport file, please  download it when the issue is seen.

Also please check this article in knowledgebase about how to debug onboard issue


Thanks, I'll download file when I get home. 

What email address should I send the file to?

I should say that even when the light is orange I am able to access the internet etc but just not see the informatiion in cnMaestro. 

I have sent you my emaild id, please send techsupport to email id mentioned