Loosing Mesh connectivity between two 1000 Hotspots

I'm having trouble with a mesh between two ePMP 1000 Hotspots.  It stays connected for awhile, from a few hours to a week and then I loose the link.  I am monitoring this on cnMaestro and the client goes red.  The base still shows it as up with a SNR of about 40 and RSSI of about 65.  I can not connect to the client GUI.  It seems to go up and down intermittently. The base has another WLAN for WIFI clients and it stays up and operating but I loose connectivity over the mesh. I haven't been able to see the cause. I am running Ver. 3.3 -r16 on both but this was happening before with the earlier software too. I am using static IP addresses.



It would be really helpful for us to debug if you could please share tech-support of both Mesh client and Mesh base when you face the issue before reboot of any device.

Thank You