Loss of SM mode in 15.0.2

I noticed today that the 36 450 and 900 450i APs I upgraded to 15.0.2 no longer have the option to be set as an SM.

Being able to connect as an SM isn't really important, but being able to turn on all the freq/channel combinations and check the AP Eval to see what settings potential sources of interference are using is incredibly useful and has made a huge difference in the past.  At one point, a new company we couldn't identify was using a 900 450i AP with settings competely out in left field, and the AP Eval gave me the ability to work around those settings.

I gather there is a firmware size issue there which makes the SM setting a problem, but is there any way to retain the AP Eval functionality in the form of a new tool tab or something similar?

Oh that's nice. Didn't even notice. They took operational SM mode out of the 450(i) APs quite a while ago. Meaning you could still put them in SM mode to scan for APs, but they simply wouldn't register.

I agree. This needs to be brought back.