Lost Advantage License when upgraded ...

We have a 2.4 Canopy Cyclone antenna that was upgraded several years ago (7.x era) to support 2x (Advantage) and Hardware Mode. This is a P9 Board AP and when we paid to have the Advantage ability added after the fact… Well after several upgrades through 8.x - 9.4 , at some point it lost the advantage license and will only operate as Non-Advantage AP. I did find the URL upgrade link that was sent to us to activate the Advantage Feature however that link and any form of the link will not enable this feature. Any IDEAS?

Thanks in advance

Yeah No thanks… We prefer to stay legitimate. Home-brew hacks is not the way to go since we have several customers relying on this.
We are working with T3 Motorola Support now, I put this out there to see if anyone else has come across this issue.

We have since swapped out the Access Point so our customers are not affected by this.