Lost cnMaestro Password

I want to ask in a scenario whereby Admin left company without telling cnMaestro admin password


1. is there possibility to reset Super Admin password without loosing configs
CLOUD steps


2. let say I have backup config

could I create or install new cnMaestro and restore config and hope all APs will have same settings as before

3. I didn't see option to have 2x Super Admin a/c which one Super Admin can't change other Super Admin password

4. Is there option to send cnMaestro config periodically through Gmail smtps server because I don't have my own smtp server

5. Do you have plan to integrate cnMaestro with Telegram like Mikrotik did

So that I can get changes notification in my Telegram


Hi nbctcp --

1.a. For Cloud Account Recovery, you need to open a Support Case if you are unable to use the standard password recovery mechanisms of the Support Portal (the password is shared, so you should try logging in to http://support.cambiumnetworks.com/).

1.b. For On-Premises, in the Console navigate to Maintenance > Recovery, and you can select a one time Application Account Recovery password. This is also detailed on p. 206 of the User Guide.

2. If you have exported the full configuration, you can import it into a new installation of cnMaestro, but you need to make sure the version is supported (if it is very old, then it may need to be imported into an interim release).

3. Not sure I understand this question.

4. Are you asking if you can configure a Gmail SMTP server for email notifications?

5. We don't currently have Telegram on the roadmap.

1b. Understood

4. Yes

Use gmail as smtps server not just as for Notification but for sending Backup Config as email attachment