Lost GPS-sync

We lost GPS-sync on all of our CMM5 and cnMatrix switches 22.00 GMT +1
Are there any people out there who have the same issues?

Please check out this post Leap Year impact on GPS sync using uGPS, cnPulse and ePMP1000/2000/3000 Access Points

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Thank you.
I remember we had the same problem 4 years ago…

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On cnMatrix its super easy fix, just disable the cnPulse power and reenable it… on CMM5 … seems to be
onsite visit to unplug and plug the cnPulse

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Yes, we have 2 cnMatrix that was easy to fix.
But we were 3 people that used the whole yesterday to fix ten sites with CMM5 and cnPulse.
Keywords: Storm, snow, -10 degrees, snowmobile, mountain, cold fingers and feet…


Yes. We are doing a tower climb in the morning to hard cold reboot the equipment. Warm reboots do not fix the issue. It is supposedly the only way to fix it. Since 1/1/24 we have been using AP self generate sync to get by.