lots of Deleting a timer since it was active (T) on 450m


We are seeing this kind of error really often: 

"Deleting a timer since it was active (T), TimerId=0x10ec0730 (0x133dc448), TimerEvent=0x10, TimerTaskId=10, CurrentTask=10"

On every AP we have, almost all of them have fw 16.0.1 but we checked the ones where we are testing 16.1 and we have seen it there too, even if to a lesser extent (but then again, the 16.1FW APs have fewer SMs).

There are usually from 2 to 10 of these errors per day, and we'd like to know if they stand for something we should worry about.



Thanks for reporting this. We have not seen this issue internally. Would you mind sending me the engineering.cgi to charlie.galik@cambiumnetworks.com? That would be a big help.

In general, this log is dumping some debug when the software is restarting an internal timer that is still active. Normally the timer should be shut off properly first before restarting.

Thanks in advance,


Thanks, I will send you the engineering ASAP.


Thanks so much for sending the logs.

We've isolated this to Link Test with Multiple LUIDs, and not sure yet what is causing it and why it only happens a small percentage of the time. The Link Test is completing fine and all the results are being received, so I don't think it's anything to worry about.  Still, I've open issue CPY-16075 to track it internally.


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