Low 5Ghz throughput on e400 with SpeedFlex on iOS


I am trying to understand why I am having low throughput on my AP with 5GHz on iPhone 6s using SpeedFlex.

I have set up an SSID which is 5Ghz only and have turned of all the roaming protocols and when doing an iperf to the unit using SpeedFlex the most I get is 120Mb/s. The test also fluctuates quite a bit. I also get similar results on an iPad.

I have the 5Ghz on 80Mhz and have tried varying the channels and radio power.

Anyone have ideas as to why I may be seeing this behaviour?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Shim, 

Can you please download and share the techsupport of an AP to my email(mentioned below).

You can download techsupport from following location ::: Operations --> System and Download TechSupport

Email : ashok.kumar@cambiumnetworks.com