Low throughput on Force 4625 at 3.6 miles

Hello, I tested connecting a Force 4625 on a 4600 AP. 3.6 miles of distance. The Spectrum is totally free (Clear). with 40MHz Channel width was making up to 300Mbps. On 80Mhz channel up to 480Mbps ( on Wireless link test). With TCP bandwidth test on 40MHz channel up to 240Mbps. A little disappointed so far.

Hi. What does your e-Align and Monitor → Wireless and Monitor → Performance screens look like? Can you post screenshots?

It’s all about signal, SNR, and modulation. At 5.8 KM you’re probably not getting perfect signal, which means your modulations won’t be DS11s, and that means that that it’s not going to be able to perform at top AX throughput.

Yes, the modulation goes up to DS 9

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Hello @Ing_Net,

eAlign looks ok but at 3.6 mi distance it supposed to be around -40 db RSSI.
What kind of antenna is used?

Hi Andrii,
6 GHz ePMP 4600 4x4 (ROW/FCC) with ePMP 6GHz 4X4 MU-MIMO Sector Antena as acces point

6 GHz Force 4625 (ROW) as SM
we are testing 6GHz so we have connected only 1 SM on the AP

@Ing_Net, could you show Configuration >> Radio pages of AP and SM?

Both AP and SM are on the latest Beta Firmware.

Hello @Ing_Net,

from the first look, I don’t see what can be causing this.
May I ask you to Raise Ticket in the top right corner of this page, attach techsupports from AP and SM and message me the ticket number?
I would like to look deeper into it!
Thank you!

late to reply, I think NineDD is absolutely correct in his reply. Moreover, I will add this :

7070MHz is extremely high, why don’t you use smaller frequency ?
SECTOR antenna is not going to provide you the best performance. Never. It’s not point-to-point.
You can’t expect more than 480Mbps@80MHz with -69/-70/-66dBm RSSI.

Laws of physics ; there’s nothing wrong with these radios.
Force 4600 is able to transfer more than gigabit at dozens of kilometers. Dozens.