LPU Grounding Kit - Black Caps are NOT supplied

The Cambium DC LPU and grounding kit manual states on page 3 "NOTE: When installing LPU's, use only EMC cable glands supplied in the ODU and LPU kits (with black caps).  Do not use non-EMC cable glands supplied in other kits (with silver caps), as these may only be used in ODU installations without LPUs."

However, black caps DID NOT come with the ODU or the LPUs.  We only have the silver caps.

Why does it state that and does it make a difference?

The glands with the black caps have an insert with "fingers" inside the barrell that make contact with the copper sheathing of the Superior Essex cables that we recommend.

The ones with silver caps do not have this extra part, and do not make EMC contact with the cable sheath.

The ones supplied with the radio do not normally have this, but the ones supplied with the LPU should be the black capped versions.

Jay -  Can you verify (pictures are always useful) which glands came with the radio, and which came with the LPU?

This might help us determine what you've got there.