Mac address confusion on Dashboard

Cambium Development Team: Please consider specify which MAC Address is shown on the dashboard. A simple label, LAN or WLAN would be really helpful. For ePMP devices, maybe it makes more sense to show both mac addresses next to eachother. 

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I have forwarded this to the development team


The one shown in dashboard page is the LAN MAC address. We are showing the Wirelss/WLAN MAC address in device details page. Pl refer to the below screenshot for details:

Yes I understand where the LAN and Wireless LAN mac addresses can be found. What I'm asking for, is to, at the very least, put the label "LAN" next to the mac address on the dashboard.

I think it would be helpful to have both MAC addresses on the dashboard. At the very least, just specify which MAC it is, don't just simply call it "MAC" because we don't know which one it is by reading it.

Sure. We will modify the label to be explicit(LAN/Wireless) and will also consider showing the wireless MAC address on the dashboard.


Thanks! Sounds perfect.