mac address table (forwarding bridge table) per vlan

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Does epmp1000/2000 support mac address table (bridge)  per vlan  ???

We saw some PLC unit with the same mac address, so in order to overcome this , we consider to add VLAN tag per CPE but, it can work only if the BS support mac address table (forwarding)  per vlan, otherwise we will face high packetloss (packet might be forwarded to the wrong CPE

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Are you saying you have several ePMP units with same MAC address?

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No ,the PLC units behind theCPE have the same mac address 

Check the drawing I attached earlier 

I am sorry, I've missed PCL units have same MAC addresses.

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ePMP AP does not support forwarding per vlan for described scenario.

I'd like to propose you to use ARP-NAT feature on SMs.

ARP-NAT or Wireless Client Bridging is a special MAC address translation mechanism. It’s the same idea as NAT for IP networks, except it works one layer deeper. Instead of translating IP network addresses, the router translates between the MAC hardware addresses on each side of it. If something on the wired side of the router makes an ARP request for the MAC address of an IP on the wireless side, then the router forwards the request as if it came from the router. When the response comes back, it mangles that too. Instead of passing back the real MAC (which lives on the wireless network), the router gives its own wired MAC address. Then, when it receives frames for IP addresses on the wireless network, it forwards them through. It does this to both sides of the bridge. NOTE: PPPoE Client on PCs behind the SM will not work and The throughput decreases when ARP-NAT feature gets enabled.

ARP-NAT can be enabled on Configuration -> Netwoek page on SM in Bridge mode.

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