MAC Bind List in cnPilot E400

I got loan of e410 with latest firmware from Cambium Indonesia

Set cnMaestro/Association ACL/Deny my handphone

But problem still the same.

I can still connected from my handphone

Could Cambium assist me?

Send me PM


Its strange to hear that you are not getting solution till date from support team. By the way, I am using both E400 and E410 in my network. Both are running smoothly with MAC Association ACL. Have you created any profile for the device in cloud management or locally on the device itself ? Anyway you can generate another ticket with support team to resolve the issue. As per my experience, both the device can not behave in the same way . If it is so then I am afraid  there must some unnoticed error in configuration part. 

SOLVED in E410

I miss this settings

cnMaestro/WLAN/AP/Configuration/Access Control/cnMaestro