Mac OS X Yosemite and ePMP GUI

Dear Cambium team,

With new update of Mac OS-X Yosemite ver. 10.10.2 , GUI of ePMP does not open.

Error message in attach. Safari and Firofox same error.

Device used: ePMP 1000 GPS

This error occur only on default IP address.

You don't say what software version on the ePMP gear.  Though I strongly suspect it's something in the OS X networking stack leading to it.

You said 'default IP' and I'm assuming you're on a newer firmware where that means ''.  Do you have anything else you can connect to at, like older Canopy gear, or something you can manually place at that IP?  And what IP/subnet are assigned on the Mac?


PS - just a minor gripe, but it seems it would have been far easier to type '404 - Not Found' than to screengrab and attach said text as an image, use less resources on the servers, and less time/trouble for readers.

i use mac book pro late 2012 retina display OS X Version 10.10.2 i use safari  with the default ip address and i dont have this issue.. Do you use your network card in DHCP mode or static IP? Can you try with the IP address if station or ?

"404 not found" means the web server software couldn't find the requested document.  It's not something the client will bring up on its own when there is no route to host. 

I wish the screenshot had included the location bar.  Then we would know what resource was not found.