MAC-TELNET security improvment

Affected platforms: All platforms
Software version: 4.7.0, 5.3.0 and above

All Cambium Networks ePMP and PTP550 radios support MAC-telnet access.Telneting via MAC addresses. It comes very useful during troubleshooting situations when something went completely wrong in network or radio station configuration. Mikrotik routers are very popular in WISP world and this is Mikrotik proprietary protocol. But it is also implemented by some other vendors and Linux distributives. So it can be used as the very last way to connect Cambium station from directly connected router or switch.

GUI >> Configuration >> System

The MAC-telnet login procedure has been updated in scope of security improvements.

Since software version 4.7.0 and 5.3.0 Cambium Networks improves the customers’ safety and slightly changes the logic MAC-telnet operates. Now there is a virtual user “mac-admin” with default password “mac-admin”. Now the MAC-telnet procedure is next:

  1. Enable MAC-telnet Access and Mac Telnet Protocol as Mac-Telnet/Mac-SSH under Configuration >> System
  2. Connect to the station with MAC-telnet and user “mac-admin” and password “mac-admin”
  3. Enter your normal “admin” user password.

“Mac-admin” virtual user is not needed when MAC-ssh is used. MAC-ssh works as ePMP-ePMP or PTP550-PTP550 connection tool only. To establish MAC-ssh connection takes aprox 10 seconds.


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