Macro's in user-defined overrides issue

I have setup the follow user-defined overrides:

if I override the default values on the device it is adding a curly brace (}) to the end of the new value
so if I change SSID1 from the default on the device page to say Custom 2 and sync the device it the new SSID1 will be Custom 2} It works as intended as log as the customer doesn’t want the SSID’s or hostname changed. Password field works fine and is not adding an extra curly brace.

Bug or feature?

It 's like it is using the first ending closing curly brace it comes to, to close the string when changing the value.

We are having the same problem, they have opened a bug report about this issue, this is where I brought it up a week or so ago cnPilot R series ap group SSID including mac or manual override - #4 by Jordan

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