Maestro alarms do no disappear

I am running on premise 2.3.0-r28 and my alarms do not disappear from main dashboard. Some are weeks old. Is there a way to flush them out?

Are these active alarms or are you seeing cleared alarms persist?

Maestro say active but alm is not there by checking units. eg "GPS is out of sync, Source:main/power port" yet checking AP it is receiving cambium sync. ( 100% sync pulses received)

We are aware of an issue specific to GPS sync where the alarm does not automatically clear if sync is regained while the device is disconnected from cnMaestro.  We are working on a fix but I do not have an ETA at this time.  I will follow up here when I have more information.


thanks for the info. I did actually have a ticket in with Cambium and the recommendation was to upgrade Maesto which we did. It did seem to work for a while. Here is some more informations. Along with the GPS, the other alarm is " configuration update failed due to device timeout" . the raised time for all these alms was Mar 13 ( with one on Mar 19). The other fact is that I manually acknowledged these five alarms and they are the only ones currently being displayed.

Q: is there a way to manually delete them? Also, is there a way to manually clear ' events' under system notifications?

Appreciate any assistance!

At this time there is no way to manually delete or clear alarms.  The Acknowledge button is to facilitate communication between team members so you know that someone is looking into the error state.  Once the device leaves the error state the alarm should clear.

For the Configuration failure alarm, this can be cleared by successfully pushing configuration to the device.  For cnPilot, this would be to Sync the device with it's AP Group. 

For template-based devices, a trivial or empty configuration template can be used if you already made the configuration update some other way (device web UI, SSH, ect.).  Pushing a trivial template will result in configuration succeeding and the alarm clearing. 

I do recommend testing on a single device first to ensure that it results in a successful configuration job and also to see if the device decides to reboot itself.  For template-based configuartion I would only expect this if the device has pending saved changes requiring a reboot but I like to be safe with operations like these.

In general, clicking on alarm details will show a suggestion on how to get the alarm to clear, based on the type of alarm.

I would like to make a suggestion that suggestion would be to allow, either in the cloud account setup or the on premises server settings exactly what TYPE of equipment generates an alart and also the ability to either one at a time or in bulk CLEAR alarms. I have alarms that are.. as of right now: 769D 20H 46M old.. and COUNTING! some of the alarms that generate are simply customer SMs that are offline, most of these are due to equipment pick-ups we KNOW they are offline, but have no way to clean the alarms. I have seen it suggested elsewhere before and would simply like my vote added to the rest in hopes that this will.. god willing.. eventually be an option. Thank you.

Thanks for the post Ryan. Yes, this is exactly what I was referring too. there should be some way of deleting historical events logs. Put my vote in too!