Maestro Feedback Pt. 2

We have successfully onboarded all our AP's and SM's now, as well as a few cnPilot or hotspot devices, and a 'PTP link' at a customer location, even though it's really just an Non-GPS AP and SM.  So far so good, but here are a few things I've noticed for improvement.

1. Maintenance mode is needed.  If a device is down for a known reason, please have a maintenance mode available so you can flag it out of 'down' devices.

2. Active links on every device.  As I click through Maestro I find myself wanting to click device names or IP's to go straight to that device, but that feature is not available.  Please make device names and IP's links to their IP address.

3. A 'Tools' section would be nice for SM's.  It looks like routers have that option, but not SM's.  IE: buttons for things like, REBOOT DEVICE, PING DEVICE, SPEEDTEST, TELNET, Etc.

4.  I personally like to see all the customers on the map in 'MAP' mode.  However, if I click the entire 'Network', it only shows me my towers, I can only see clients if I click the tower itself.  It would be nice to see all my clients on all my towers as green dots on the whole network.  It would also be nice to be able to toggle lines on every client instead of just one at a time.

I'll add more requests and feedback here as I come up with it.  A huge thanks Cambium for working with your clients so much on projects like these, to help us get exactly what we ask for.  Not a lot of companies do that.


I would also love to see Ben's #4 included.


Vote for all of the above. 

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Thanks for the feedback.

We will keep you posted.