Maintaining Warranty - What Cable between Radio and Antenna?

We use exclusive Superior Essex CAT5E and plugs for integrated units to maintain the  Cambium warranty, I've searched for days and can not find a specification from Cambium/Moto/Orthagon on what cable brand/type they want for leads between radios and antennas?

Will Any TMR meet the Cambium Spec or is there a specific cambium cable? 


This is what the PTP 650 User Guide says about RF cable and connectors:

"RF cable of generic type LMR-400 is required for connecting the ODU to the antenna. N type male connectors are required for connecting the RF cables to the connectorized ODU. Two connectors are required per ODU. Use weatherproof connectors, preferably ones that are supplied with adhesive lined heat shrink sleeves that are fitted over the interface between the cable and connector."

You can order the Commscope version (CNT-400) of this standard cable from Cambium using the part numbers in the User Guide.

Alternatively, you can use any good quality brand of LMR-400 in place of CNT-400 without affecting warranty. The choice of connectors and assembly of the cables are also important. A gap in the jacket, or between the jacket and the connectors, can lead to water ingress to the cable (which degrades its RF properties) and sometmes leads to water ingress into the PTP 650 itself.