Maintenance Mode for cnMaestro

So I've already recommended this in the early days when it was CNS.  But I thought I would bring it up again fresh in a post to see if it's something worth the team focusing on.  cnMaestro needs a 'Maintenance Mode'.  This would be the option to manually set a device status as Maintenance, telling Maestro to show it as say Orange on the map, instead of Red, and exclude it from showing on the number of devices down.  For example, we have some temporary setups we do for county fairs that we know are down on purpose, so instead of deleting the devices, it would be easier to manage them if we could set their status something other than down.

I've also liked the idea of having an idle/down time frame option to where if a device is down for X days it tells you so that you can address it.  You could also have a script that after x days without a response, it removes the device from Maestro.  This would help eliminate the need for constant audits of duplicate devices from repairs, etc.