Major failure rates of R190 power supplies


Has anyone else noticed a high failure rate of the power supplies that come with the R190V routers? 

We have about a 20% failure rate out of the box, with more failing within weeks of installation. 

AS/NZ plug type, model S12B28-120A100-04

It seems sometimes powercycling them gets them to come on, other times you have to power them on before you plug the barrel connector into the router, others they sometimes work and sometimes dont. 

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Hi Ray,

Sorry to hear about the troubles. I have forwarded your post to our product and support teams. They will comment soon.



Sorry to hear you are experiencing so many failures out of the box.   To date we have not received any reports of R190 Power supply failures.   I would highly suggest that you open an RMA ticket with the Cambium Support team to get the failed units replaced.   Also, if possible, after you get replacements, can you possibly send me a couple of the units that failed?  I would like to get them to engineering for analysis.

Open a ticket online at the following URL:


Chuck Hemesath

Director - Cambium Customer Support


Hi Ray,

I have followup questions

1. How many power supplies in number did you find malfunctioning

2. Can you send a picture of the power supply to my email which shows the pins and the power supply specifications



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We are finding approx 20% of the power supplies will fail. 

We probably have about 140 deployed when I do a serial search of our cnmaestro for WFT though it could be more. (the R200 ones which use a brick seem to be working much better) 

It seems we are going to about 5 customer sites a week to sort this out. 

I have noticed the techs will go out and confirm the router is not powered on, then they swap over the power supply and it starts working again. Then when they bring the "bad" PSU into the workshop, i find it works okay with only occasional ones that dont work at all. I believe the totally dead ones are at 5 of the 140 deployed. 

Approx 20% seem to fail out of the box, or fail within a couple of weeks and require a tech truck roll. The techs just swap the power supply and bring in the bad one - half the time they work fine when they bring them in if i am careful in powering them up, but 5 are definitley not working which I have returned and exchanged with our distributor. 

So the only thing I can think of is the mains supply voltage. 

I went and sorted out one today - customer said the router wouldnt power up.

- Plugged in the power supply into the wall outlet while switched on, then plugged into the router
didnt work

So then

- Switched off at the wall outlet, unplugged barrel from router. Switched on, tested voltage 12v, then plugged into router and it did work

I tested the mains supply voltage which was 242.5V 
The new zealand legal standard of supply is 230 +/- 6% so the power company is allowed to supply voltage up to 243.8V

However the power supply that comes with the cambium R190V is rated for only 100-240V 

I am not sure if this is a rounded number on the label or if it actually is only designed for a 240V limit. 

I think the same standard may apply in australia too. 

We sent a bunch of faulting power supplies back to our local distributor.

They have said cambium found the problem and the distributor is sending new power supplies for our stock. 


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Thank you Ray

Just an update to let you know this is still happening with new stock. 

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Thanks for the information Ray. I have passed this to our Product Management team.