Make custom default config

Does anyone know of a way to make it so that when a user presses the button that resets the router it will be our default instead of the cambium default config on a cnPilot R series router we have 195,200, and 201. I would love to have a golden config set up so that it pulls that instead of cambiums default.

@Robert_Saunders you can use SNMP to achieve this. The config applied following these steps will be the factory-default config.

  1. Enable Remote Snmp.
  2. connect to AP from WAN network.
  3. Open MIB browser and load cabmiumMIB .
  4. Go to downloadConfig in MIB browser. see the attached image.
  5. set enable to 1.
  6. set downloadUrl with configfile path, this config in this file will be the default config after factory-reset
  7. set downloadButton to 1.
  8. set Apply to 1.
  9. Now reboot router.

Once router comes up verify custom config is applied .

Do multiple factory default and you can see the custom config doesn’t change.

I think the better option is actually to have the routers onboarded in cnmaestro in router groups that have all of our settings in them, with any custom flags set up per customer device then when they hit reset it will pul its config from cnmaestro and come back online that way. I am waiting on the next firmware that will allow a default name that includes mac as a wifi name that is also editable