man, nothing but trouble with this F***ing canopy system

Got a 6AP cluster, all advantage, 8.2.2 P9.
Got 12 SM’s, all P10, advantage, 8.2.2 .

Farthest site is 2 miles, every single SM has a reflector bracket. Only 1 sm will register in 2x mode, and it is 735 feet away.

Half of them will only stay registered half the time, and get efficiency in 50-70 percent downlink and 30-45 uplink

I turned my AP’s into SM’s and did a spectrum analysis. Here is one from AP02 - If I am reading this correctly, it tells me I should have done a spectrum analysis to check for interference before climbing 175 feet and placing this cluster. Does this mean the 2.4 is saturated or what?

Looks that way. But make sure you shut off all the AP’s except for 1. Then turn that 1 into an SM like you did and do the Spectrum Analysis.
Then shut it off and turn another into an SM and do a Analysis from it and so on and so forth, until you’ve covered the entire 360 degrees. This ensures your not just picking up the noise of the rest of your AP’s.

Keep note of the cleanest channel in each direction and set the AP’s to use those channels the best you can.

Plus make sure you are useing all 3 non-overlapping channels (2415, 2435,2457) and put duplicate the channels back to back. Also give each AP it’s own colour code. (some people use the same colour code for each AP, find what works best for you)

Give all AP’s the same Downlink %, Range and Control slots.

I did not do that (shut off all AP’s).
All 6 are synced with CMM, 2415, 2435, 2455 back to back
All have same distance, color code, control slots
I will do it with all AP’s off and post the results.

What kind of signal levels are the SM’s getting?

What are the AP’s seeing in the Sessions page? Specifically signal levels and reg and re-reg counts?

Are they all Set to Recieve sync via Power Port? And are they all actually recienving Sync?

What Kind of CMM? CMM2, CMMmicro?? How many sats are being tracked in the CMM? What Firmware Version is on the CMM?

Also try Downgradeing the AP’s to 7.3.6 since they are P9’s, and do some testing and post the results.

Also do all the AP’s have same Downlink %? ie. 75%

Try giving each AP a different color code (ie. 1-6)

I will get the specifics for you tomorrow, but here is a few notes:
on the SM, the RSSI and jitter is around 1800-1900 4-6/4-6

On AP’s, its about 200-300 lower, 1500-1600, jitter 8/10 range

the reg and rereg count iwll number into the hundreds for most SM’s

How can I tell the firmware of the CMM? When moto installed it they didn’t inform me of an IP address for it. Can one be set?

The AP’s where originally 7.3.6; I upgraded to 8.2.2-DES to see if I got any better results. All AP’s have 50% downlink

What is difference between power port and timing port? They are all set to receive sync timing port. And each one shows it is in sync and tracking satellites.

The jitter seems very high.

Are the SM set to 2x mode? If they are try setting to 1x mode and retesting.

Since the reg and re-reg counts are high that would indicate a wireless problem. Do the SM’s have a clear LOS to the Tower?

If the radios are set to recieve sync via timing port then it is likely that you have a CMM2. So you would have 2 cables coming down to the CMM from each radio. The CMM2 does not have a Management IP to my knowledge (however it’s been a long time since I used a CMM2)

Therefore since it is a CMM2 the ‘Recieve Sync via Power Power’ is not an option for you to use in the radios.

CMMmicros have the ability to pass sync over the ethernet cable. Therefor the radio only requies 1 cable instead of 2 in your case.

When ckecking the quality of a wireless link ignore the RSSI. Look at the Jitter and the Power Level. make sure the jitter is low and the power level is high. So a link with a Power level of -75 and jitter of 1 would be more reliable then a link with a Power level of -70 and a jitter 6 (as long as both radios are running is 1x mode)

If running is 2x mode a jitter of 1-10 is acceptable but if it is re-reging alot then it is not stable and should be dropped to 1x mode.

Could you post screen shots of the AP configurations as well.

I just tried today changing all to 1x mode. Everything was set to 2x mode however, I could not get ANY sm to go into 2x mode, everything 1x/1x.
All SM’s have very clear LOS to tower, and all the SM’s have reflector brackets. Most of the power levels on the SM’s are -44 to -46 on the closer ones and -58 to -60 on the little bit further ones.

There is two ethernet cables coming from each AP, one for GPS and one for ethernet into the CCM, so I am pretty sure it is a CMM2.

Are you experenceing the problem on ALL the AP’s or is it a particular AP?

All of them. If the SM is less then .75 miles or closer it does ok. Anything after that is a problem

My farthest SM is exactly 2 miles. I actually had to take AP06 and put a reflector on it and a reflector on the SM to get it to register, and that link sucks, goes down all the time, efficieny uplink 20-30 percent downlink 50-60 percent.

I also want to add that I am in a pretty harsh environment that is noisy RF wise. I get the feeling that canopy may just not be robust enough to work in my environment. But motorola assured me this system would work using reflectors and such. And they are not being any help at all considering we payed them over 200k for this f*cking system.

If the RF is that bad, it won’t matter what platform you deploy it just won’t work well.

Are there other WISP’s in your area?

If all of your SM’s are within 2miles perhaps a differnt Frequency would work better. 5.2, 5.4 or 5.7 or even 900.

There is no WISP’s in the area, however the tower has equipment for UHF / VHF radios, microwave dishes, and cellular equipment co-located on it. Can this stuff interfere with 2.4?

Not so much interference, but it can over power your AP’s with EMI. We had problems with a Backhaul because we were to close to a Radio broadcast and it was generateing voltage on our Ethernet. And they were only putting out about 1600 watts. A typicaly Radio station can put out 50-100,000 watts of power.

We are colocated on a tower that has Cell, paging and radio and another WISP and we were still able to get this to work just fine.

In our situation we had to stay below the radio and the cell equipment to get away from the EMI. We were lucky because the tower was 400ft tall so we had lots of space under the radio and cell equipment to make things work.

return your equipment to your vendor and get 5.2 equipment. for 2 miles it’ll work fine and as i understand it very little interferes or even runs in that band. someone correct me if i’m wrong.

Sorry for the picture quality, but its the best I could get. Do you think I am getting EMI from the surrounding dishes? How could I test for that, would it be the cause for the interference in the SA or the reason for strong signals, but crappy quality?


Can you look at the other equipment in the shelter. See if you can see a Western Multiplex, Linx, Tsunami or Proxim, 19" x 4u, rack mounted equipment. The color of the equipment is white but some are blue.

I don’t think the problem is caused by another hipower out of the 2.4GHz band because the signal is extremely high.

Do you have another type of spectrum analyzer and a 2.4 Ghz directional antenna?

Seems like everyone is shooting all over the place and blindly.

Need to turn off ALL ap’s and do a spectrum analysis one by one and post the results.

IF there is RF interference from other equipment on the tower it will show up.

It is possible to have RF overdrive. I had a radio station operating at 105.1mhz and take out all connections on my 2.4 equipment because it was only spaced 10’ above my AP. They moved their antenna up another 25’ and everything worked fine.

There is no way to tell anything until a proper spectrum analysis has been completed.

Yes what I suggested in my first post.

drop those units at least 20 feet from that microwave unit. We had the same problem AFTER the state highway department installed a microwave link to a substation 30 miles away. we insisted they move it, which they graciously did, and we got our RF back.

Yet another shot in the dark.

You can’t make an educated suggestion if there is no spectrum analysis.