managed services

I am wondering if there are plans to further limit managed service users on what they have access to change and not?  For example:  we were thinking this would work perfect for an RV Park customer that likes to change the password frequently.  They can log in and change it whenever they feel like it.  The problem is... they can't do it with operator access, but with administrator, they can change everything... which obviously isn't good.



As such there is no restriction, managed services user with any role should be able to change its own password. There is a link on main login page with password reset option. Please refer to below screenshot:

Sorry. Referring to changing wifi password frequently.

Assuming that you are referring to changing the passphrase in WLAN policy by an user with Operator role. If so,  yes, this will continue and user with Operator role will not be able to change the passphrase. But in 2.0.0 release, we will be providing WLAN overrides support at individual AP level, wherein users with Operator will be able to change the passphrase for a WLAN at device level. Hope this helps!


yes, if I am reading this correct, that should work well.