MANAGEMENT VLAN and local access of device

Hello all,

If managemenet VLAN is enabled in AP/STA, then how it is possible to access the device locally through lan ? I know that it can be access by tagging vlan in computer, but is it possible without tagging in computer to locally access management enable vlan devices?

thank you

All ePMP units have a local IP address of You can access the management interface of the device through the LAN port using this IP address.

Hi Cambium sri,

That works if the device is not registered with the ap. but if device is registered with AP then it is difficult to open the local device page where computer is connected. It displays other clients page which are registered.

This is to provide added security to the operator. Once the STA is connected to the AP, we do not provide management access to the STA unless its over the management VLAN. The operator is able to access using this VLAN wirelessly or through the LAN. When the STA is disconnected, the device becomes a standalone device and hence access through is enabled.

Having said that, we are providing some enhancements to the management functionality of the ePMP device to potentially resolve situation like this. Please stay tuned.