Management VLAN not "sticking"

Curious if anyone else has seen this problem... This is how a program CPE radios:

1) Turn on Mgt VLAN

2) Enter VLAN number

3) Select "wired and wireless" for MGT

4) Hit save

The radio pops up the warning about changing VLANs. When it is done saving, the MGT VLAN is not saved. It reverts back to no VLAN.  It does not matter if I combine that commad with a bunch of others or send it alone.  When I do combine it, the other commands I save are saved, the VLAN is not.

I've also tried changing the VLAN using a template with cnMaestro.  Same exact problem.  All of the changes sent with the template saved except the MGT VLAN.  No errors were generated. 

The only time I can reliably get the VLAN to stick 100% of the time is to upload a json file directly to the radio that contains the VLAN info.  For some reason that never fails but making changes via template or the web interface of the radio is quite unreliable.

What software version are you using? We will try to reproduce this here.

Hmm, that would be useful information I forgot to add, wouldn't it?  Currently running 2.6  I don't remember if I had this issue with 2.5.2

I am seeing it with both Force 110's and Force 180's.

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Thanks - I'll pass this on and see if we can reproduce it. I'll share any revelations.

Hi AU Wireless,

Can you send me your config file for a couple devices that have this problem.  My email address is

Daniel Sullivan

ePMP Software Manager